NFK 2024


Wanneer? 29 april, 1 mei en 2 mei – 20:00
Waar? de Koelisse (Steengroevenlaan 3, 3001 Leuven)

The year is 1985. A storm is brewing over Brussels. Victoria and Charlotte hid something. In a chest. In the middle of their room. At a dinner party. The preparations have been made and the invitations sent out. Firstly, to their fellow students; the jovial Juliette, her sister Leila, and the loyal Kenny. Another is for the avid book collector, Sir Johnstone Kentley. While last but not least a former teacher of the pair and now columnist Rupert Cadell is also expected. But what do any of these people have in common? What ties them to the chest? Why are Victoria and Charlotte throwing a party in the first place? Something sinister is going on, and only the night will tell if their dark secret gets out or stays locked away, for ever.

We cordially invite you to help us unravel this mystery on the 29th of april, 1st of May and 2nd of May at de Koelisse.


Patrick Hamilton (adaptation by Wodan Van Den Heede)


Ewout Decloedt (director), Lise Sysmans (co-director), Sofia Martinelli (co-director), Ivan Hamshaw Thomas (directing support)


Rita May Kimijima-Dennemeyer, Nora Van Hummelen, Louis Vermeire, Kamiel Ferson, Joëlle Hekman, Vanja Brauers, Jonatan Per Toll, Lauren Van Veen, Jason Conroy

Technische ondersteuning

David Breugelmans (lighting) and Lander Baeten (composer)


NFK, Sofia Martinelli, Kaat Maesen, Victor Lemage, Shiddica Regmi and Lauren Van Veen (costume dpt.), Bert De Kunst (scenography), many others

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