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The Starry Messenger

Wanneer? 13 mei, 15 mei en 16 mei – 20:00
Waar? Zwartzusterkapel (Zwartzustersstraat 2, 3000 Leuven)

Look up, peer within, and explore around as the brilliant mind of Galileo directs his gaze to the celestial expanse, discovering a world far removed from conventional belief. To him, the Earth is no mere flat plane, but a wondrous tapestry adorned with majestic planets dancing in the heavens above. Inside him, different voices come alive through a chorus of actors, adding depth to his inner thoughts.

But Galileo’s story is not one of solitude. Surrounding him are the vital figures of his life: a devoted daughter, eager students, and fellow seekers of truth (but is truth the same for all?). Yet looming ominously in the shadows is the specter of the Inquisition, portrayed with bold strokes and dark hues, a mask of fear and uncertainty. Is it truly malevolent, or merely a manifestation of human frailty?

In the midst of tragedy and conflict, we interject doses of satire, injecting levity into the weighty narrative. Yet, beneath it all, we remain steadfast optimists, yearning for a resolution that sings of hope and enlightenment.

Join us on this journey of discovery, where the path to redemption unfolds before your very eyes.

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Bertolt Brecht (translated by Deborah Gearing and Mark Ravenhill)


Nadia Shutova (regisseur) en Ivan Hamshaw Thomas (co-regisseur)


Jacob Berk, Vika Meškauskaitė, Minh Quân Pham, Gabriela Darius, Viktor Sydorenko, Archit Choudhary, Bohan Fang, Victor Hu en Nadia Shutova

Technische ondersteuning

Wouter Pinxten (licht), Mithil Pidigacandy (rekwisiet ontwerp), Akash Gautam (rekwisiet ontwerp), Chaitanya Srivastava (foto- en video-opname) en Luka Derganc (foto- en video-opname)


Irina Stoyanova (kostuum en make-up ontwerp), Vika Meškauskaitė (posterontwerp), Bohan Fang (grafisch ontwerp), Gabriela Darius (teksten), Luka Derganc (receptie werkzaamheden) en Matthias Goossens (een van de oprichters)

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