NFK 2023

The Gull

Wanneer? 1 mei, 2 mei en 4 mei – 20:00
Waar? de Koelisse (Steengroevenlaan 3, 3001 Leuven)

“In a play, above all, there must be love”

Something is afoot at the manor of the retired Sorin. Treplev, the son of the renowned actress Arkadina, is an aspiring playwright and has invited his family and friends to see his first experimental play. The gathered crowd, however, isn’t ready for what Treplev has in store for them. Soon the manor becomes the scene of intrigue and conflict. The world of the rich meets the world of the poor. A love triangle between Treplev, Nina, a naïve aspiring actress, and Trigorin, a famous writer, causes tempers to rise. And above it all there is an innocent white gull, flying besides the family’s magical lake. The play juggles intimate love and the hardships of life with a timeless sense of (dark) humor. Can you ever be prepared for the life you wish for? What do you do when you lose what you love the most?

We hope to see you at the riveting performance!


Anton Chekhov


Bert De Kunst, Ewout Decloedt, Gilles Verheyden


Marisa Salvador, Kamiel Ferson, Rita May Kimijima-Dennemeyer, Nora Van Hummelen, Sofia Martelleni, Bert De Kunst, Wodan Van Den Heede, Thomas Hymers, Rik Ouwerkerk, Lise Sysmans, Lotte Tichem, Jason Xie

Technische ondersteuning

David Breugelmans


Marian Fell, met aanpassingen door NFK